Proper Hydration Tips: The Surprising Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water

proper hydration tips

Unless you live under a rock then you know how tap water is loaded with heavy metals. Heavy metals are toxic to the health. Serious about boosting your water intake? We can’t blame you, proper hydration is key to better health. And if you are looking for a perfect alternative to plain water, we highly recommend drinking hydrogen water for proper hydration.

What is Hydrogen Water?

To know the basics of hydrogen water, you need to familiarize yourself with the periodic table. Hydrogen is listed as the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. Hydrogen water is plain water fortified with dissolved hydrogen gas.

proper hydration tips

According to some health experts, hydrogen water helps boost energy, reduces recovery time, and minimizes inflammation. While plain water boosts energy and provides a variety of health benefits, it doesn’t reduce free-radical damage as hydrogen water.

The good news is, the health benefits of hydrogen water are well documented! Below are proper hydration tips to keep in mind when drinking hydrogen water:

Protects from Cancer

Studies show that hydrogen water helps reduce free radical damage. Free radicals are destructive ions that destroy healthy cells. As you know, cell mutation is the precursor to cancer. The anti-inflammatory compounds in hydrogen water protect the body from these dangerous ions, preventing healthy cells from mutation. By stopping cell mutation before it starts, hydrogen water protects the body from cancer.

In addition to this, some studies show that drinking hydrogen water helps reduce the side effects of cancer treatment such as appetite loss and rapid weight loss. Apart from helping cancer patients retain a healthy body weight, hydrogen water prevents appetite loss and common radiation therapy side effects.

Heals Bladder Disorders

We know that proper hydration protects from bladder diseases but hydrogen water, in particular, makes an effective aid for bladder disorders. Why? Hydrogen water has the ability to reverse the damaged muscular responses of the bladder, boosting electric field stimulation. All these accelerate the healing of damaged bladders.

The fact is, bladder problems are often caused by oxidative stress. By preventing oxidative stress, the bladders are able to work perfectly. Studies show that hydrogen water is an effective remedy for patients suffering from bladder obstruction.

proper hydration tips


Apart from keeping the bladder healthy, hydrogen water makes the heart healthier too. As you know, proper hydration promotes better circulation. The right level of body fluids boosts blood volume so the heart is subjected to less pressure as it pumps out blood.

On top of that, hydrogen water keeps the heart muscles strong and resilient. Studies show that drinking hydrogen water reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart failure in lab tests. According to one lab test, diabetic mic benefitted from the heart-friendly properties of hydrogen water. Hydrogen-rich water reduces cardiovascular damage caused by free radical stress as well as inflammation.

Further proof of hydrogen water’s heart-friendly benefits: a study found that hydrogen-rich water helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Research shows that drinking hydrogen water regularly boosts the antioxidants in the body by 39%. The antioxidants in hydrogen water lower the level of HDL in the blood, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

proper hydration tips

Better Skin

Proper hydration improves the overall health and appearance of the skin. Drinking hydrogen water may reduce the signs of aging, keeping wrinkles at bay! In addition, hydrogen water protects the skin from UV rays, which cause significant damage to the deeper layers of the skin. A study found that hydrogen water eases skin redness and irritation associated with skin diseases. A separate study found that hydrogen water neutralizes the effects of UV rays on the skin.


Keeping the body healthy through proper hydration is easy when you have so many alternatives to plain water. Hydrogen water may not be just a fad; it could be key in keeping major organs in tiptop shape!

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