November 30, 2017

Proper Hydration Tips: How to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day?

proper hydration tips

Generally, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. But when you think about it, how many people actually drink this much water in a day? Sadly, not a lot. Statistics show that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

As you know, proper hydration plays a key role in keeping the body healthy. Dehydration contributes to weight gain, mood swings, poor cognitive functions and other health problems. If you are unable to meet your recommended daily allowance of water, we are here to help! Motivate yourself to drink more water throughout the day with these proper hydration tips:

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Eat your way to proper hydration by boosting your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. We’ve already outlined fruits and vegetables with highest water content so keep our guide in mind whenever you’re grocery shopping. The beauty of eating more veggies and fruits is that you get to stay hydrated whenever and wherever!

While eating fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t enough to keep you hydrated, it’s a great way to boost your water intake in a pinch. This is a great trick for people who lead a busy lifestyle. Just augment every meal with your favorite fruits or a side of salad and you are good to go.

proper hydration tips

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Dining Out? Order Plain Water

If say, you have no time to make your own meals and you’d rather eat out, don’t order fancy drinks with your meal. Stick to plain water! It is so easy to choose mixed drinks over plain water when the menu has a long list of tasty beverages to choose from. But if you are committed to staying hydrated, there is nothing better than pairing your meal with a tall glass of plain water.

You might not know it, but most juices and mixed drinks you get from your favorite restaurants are making you fat! Unlike mixed drinks, juices, and other beverages restos offer, plain water doesn’t contain sugars or artificial flavors. You quench your thirst in the healthiest way possible.

Set Your Alarm

Some people are so busy that they forget to drink water. We get it, it is hard to remember to drink up when you don’t have any reminder at all. If such is the case with you, use your mobile phone’s alarm to remind you to drink up. Ideally, you need to drink water every 30 minutes so set your alarm accordingly. If your wristwatch has an alarm function, synchronize the timer with your mobile phone alarm for good measure!

proper hydration tips

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A Glass of Water Before a Meal

If you can’t or won’t drink water throughout the day, make a habit out of chugging a glass of plain water before every meal. Drinking a glass of water after every meal helps keep you hydrated while also filling you up nicely. This is a great thing if say, you are watching your weight.

Since water makes you feel fuller for longer, you are able to make better food choices. Sure, a glass of water after every meal isn’t nearly enough to keep you hydrated but for busy folks, it is a necessary compromise. Our advice is to drink more water after work when you are at home. This helps prevent dehydration from setting in and affecting your health.

Swap Coffee for Decaffeinated Teas

Coffee breaks are a godsend if you are busy but caffeinated beverages are making you lose more water! If you are not drinking enough water as it is, you simply cannot afford to lose more fluids. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee on breaks, try decaffeinated teas! Decaffeinated teas are not only healthier; they will also keep you hydrated sans the caffeine. Herbal teas invigorate the senses and refresh the body, giving you the energy you need to last the day.

Sparkling Water

Do you live for carbonated drinks and soda? Did you know that a can of Coke contains 7 teaspoons of sugar? Now, imagine if you’ve been drinking 2 to 3 cans of soda in a day. You are consuming more sugar than you need and that’s not healthy at all. If you cannot give up sodas, here’s a much healthier alternative: sparkling water.

Sparkling water has that delicious fizz that carbonated sodas have minus the sugar. Add slices of lemon, lime, berries and other fruits to your drink for a kick of flavor. Adding fruits to the drink boosts its nutrient content too! Sparkling water is widely available so you can always buy a bottle (or ten) while on the go!


When it comes to proper hydration, there are many ways to stay hydrated as long as you are willing to bend your hectic schedule a little. Do it for your health!

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