December 6, 2017

Proper Hydration Tips: 5 Ways Dehydration Harm The Health

Proper hydration is critical to overall health because the human body is made up of two-thirds water. Unfortunately, the majority of the American population are chronically dehydrated! Once dehydration sets in, the body goes through many changes. Some of these changes affect major organs.

Imagine if your body fluids are depleted, how does severe dehydration affect the body? More importantly, what can you do to avoid dehydration and boost your water intake? These proper hydration tips shed light on ways water deficiency affects your health and what you can do about it:

Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disorders

When the body is not getting enough fluids, the blood loses volume. When this happens, the blood becomes thicker, harder to circulate. The heart works hard as it is, the extra thick blood puts more pressure on the heart. When the heart is working harder, the pressure within the veins rises too. This is the body’s way of ensuring that all organs have a fresh supply of oxygenated blood. Unfortunately, the extra pressure on the heart and the veins lead to cardiovascular disorders.

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Boosting your water intake helps thin out the blood so it is much easier to circulate. When the heart isn’t working too hard, the blood pressure remains stable. As a result, the veins and the heart aren’t subjected to high pressure, keeping the cardiovascular system healthy!

Mental and Physical Decline

Even the slightest hint of dehydration could affect your overall performance significantly. Why? When you are not getting enough water, the heart works overtime to circulate the blood all over the body. And when this happens, the organs aren’t getting enough oxygenated blood. Dehydration causes the heart to work overtime, leading to hypertension and palpitation.

These changes affect the brain too. When the brain is not getting enough oxygen, it’s unable to work at its peak. So do the muscles and pretty much all major organs in your body! All these could lead to physical and mental weakness. Increasing your water intake boosts circulation while energizing the body. Staying hydrated keeps the mind and body active and healthy!

Poor Digestion

When you are water deficient, the digestive system doesn’t have enough water to process the food you just ate. The intestines will also have a hard time moving solid wastes from the body. All these put a lot of pressure on the stomach and intestines. Proper hydration helps ease digestion and regulate the bowel movement. It helps break down all the foods you eat, facilitate nutrient absorption, and prevent constipation.

To boost your water intake, we highly suggest drinking water an hour before every meal. Drink water as you eat to stay hydrated too! Drinking water before and during meals will limit your caloric intake too. You’ll feel fuller for longer without the extra calories.

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Increases the Risk of Kidney Problems

The kidneys help eliminate toxins that build up in the blood. These organs strain liquid wastes to keep the body healthy. When you are not drinking enough water, the liquid wastes become even more concentrated. As the liquid wastes pass through the kidneys, these organs are exposed to harmful compounds. Eventually, the kidneys develop problems that lead to serious conditions including kidney failure.

Staying hydrated helps dilute the harmful compounds found in liquid wastes. Since you are getting enough fluids, the body is able to eliminate liquid wastes more frequently. All these will keep the kidneys, and the entire excretory system, for that matter, healthy!


Did you know that staying hydrated helps stabilize the body’s core temperature? When it’s hot, the body starts heating up from the inside, causing you to sweat. Perspiration helps cool the body down, preventing core temperature from rising too high and causing heat-related syndromes. Now imagine if the body does not have enough water to cool the body down! Heat stroke can be fatal but thankfully, it is quite preventable. Just drink more water every day.

Boosting your water intake prevents the body from overheating. With enough fluids, you perspire more. Your core temperature is kept in check! Staying hydrated is critical especially during the summer season or if you spend most of your time outdoors.


Staying hydrated does more than quenching the thirst. Boosting your water intake helps keep every organ in your body healthy! Make water drinking a habit to improve your overall health and well-being.

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